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6 Simple Ways To Establish A Remarkable Brand

Apr 15, 2014

by Tom Schramski

By Tom Schramski, PhD

Volume 1 Issue 6, April 15, 2014

The willingness to consciously place yourself in an uncomfortable situation is often the key to learning something new and making your presence known.  The same willingness is also critical in establishing an outstanding brand.  You may have excellent client- or service-side skills, but creating a remarkable brand can be a challenging step into the unknown.

In more than 30 years of professional experience, I have encountered numerous healthcare and human service companies with outstanding reputations and brands.  There are six simple ways they successfully established a remarkable brand:

  • Placing integrity as the foundation of their message and continually striving to establish and maintain trust with employees, customers, and vendors.  This is particularly important in the aftermath of the Great Recession that fostered much cynicism.
  • Focusing on best-in-class service while under-promising and over-delivering.  Meeting timelines is integral to a great brand.
  • Demonstrating observable outcomes (everything from case studies to larger data) and sharing this information in an accessible manner.  It’s not just the data.  It’s also about delivering the information in a manner that is meaningful for current and potential customers.
  • Offering some value for free.  Whether on the company’s website, in person, or through some other means, customers gain something useful without paying a dime.  Their critical investment is their time, which is extremely valuable.
  • Providing entertainment and having some fun with the customers.  Even in the most serious of situations, a sense of humor is always recognized and appreciated.
  • Delivering products or services that are relevant to the customer.  Often the way a service is provided (e.g. home care for a family member) is just as much about the needs of the purchaser (e.g. some free time in the face of the declining health of a family member) as it is the needs of the person receiving the direct service.

In addition to these simple actions, there is another important principle:  remarkable brands are developed internally as well as externally.  For your brand to shine in the public marketplace, it has to be mirrored internally with your co-workers and fellow employees, particularly your focus on integrity.

Tom Schramski

Tom Schramski PhD, CM&AA


Tom was the Founder and Managing Partner of VERTESS. He was a Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA), consultant, and Licensed Psychologist with over 35 years of very successful national experience in the healthcare marketplace, including co-founding and building a $25 million behavioral health/disabilities services company. Tom represented sellers and investors across the healthcare spectrum and was recognized for his executive leadership in the 2005 Entrepreneur of the Year issue of Inc. Tom passed away in December 2018.

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