Your Primer to Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

Author: Bill Fotsch

Healthcare Sectors
How A Health Care Company Creates Value

So, to create long-term value, a health care organization has to choose Porter’s second option: differentiating itself from competitors. But this strategy entails its own challenges. Only a few organizations have any kind of proprietary technology or assets. Only the largest and best-known have any kind of sustainable brand or market position.

What a health-care company can do, of course, is differentiate itself on service quality. This is an approach taken by organizations ranging from local nursing homes to world-class medical centers. “Every life deserves world-class care,” advertises the Cleveland Clinic. “Excellence every day,” boasts the Massachusetts General Hospital.

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Exit Planning
How to Boost Margin and Mission in Healthcare

Healthcare is an unusual industry.  It’s part business, part mission-driven service. It’s high tech and it’s high touch. The one indisputable truth is that every healthcare organization must generate more revenue than it spends.  As the saying goes: No margin, no mission.

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