Your Primer to Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

Author: David Purinton

Exit Planning
Evaluating M&A Advisors: 5 Questions Healthcare Business Owners Should Ask

Thinking about selling your healthcare business? Then you undoubtedly have many questions. And if you've looked to Google to get answers, you've probably found that your searches have yielded divergent, overly complex, or abnormally vague responses. Why can't you find clear answers?

It's because the answer to most of your questions is: It depends. There are many factors that influence the sale of a healthcare business. But that doesn't mean your questions aren't worth asking. There are no bad questions to ask when contemplating one of the biggest — if not the biggest — decisions of your career. To get answers to your questions, don't turn to Google. You'll want to turn to an M&A expert. Getting clear and correct answers to your questions is one of the many reasons why having an M&A advisor will make a big difference as you proceed with a sale. But first you need to find the right advisor.

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Healthcare Sectors, Market Trends
SUD Treatment Industry Trends and Developments

We recently heard of an investor bidding more than 20x forward-EBITDA on a residential substance use disorder (SUD) treatment center with a 30-day due diligence period. This caught our attention. More poignant was that this bidder lost the deal to another investor.

It is no new news that SUD treatment providers across multiple segments are currently worth more than they ever have been historically. When Pitchbook released its 2021 Q3 report on the behavioral health vertical, we learned that in only nine months, more deals and more deal value were transacted than the previous best year on record in 2019. Some experts anticipate 2021 to finish at least 40% higher in both metrics than 2019, and SUD treatment — residential treatment, in particular — makes up a substantial portion of that activity, due to extraordinary utilization of benefits and new product designs from insurance carriers that promote mental health reimbursements such as Anthem’s “Behavioral Health Advantage” plan that is expected to launch in 2022.

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Exit Planning, Healthcare Sectors
The Story of My Sale: Spero Recovery

I recently joined VERTESS as a managing director. I'll be providing merger and acquisition (M+A) and consulting services primarily to the behavioral health and substance use disorder (SUD) treatment markets. Like many of my new colleagues, I previously owned and operated a company in the space I will be working in for VERTESS. But that's not all: I also have firsthand, personal experience with substance misuse.

In this column, I'll share a little about this journey with you, how it motivated me to open my company, and several of the key lessons I learned from the sales process.

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