Your Primer to Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

Author: Gene Quigley

Exit Planning
Accelerating Healthcare Growth Through Acquisition or Recapitalization

Many small healthcare business owners struggle when they achieve a certain size or revenue stream. While these owners may see an opportunity to scale, there are challenges: They still have the "mom-and-pop" ideology (i.e., small company mentality) and their organization is not ready or capable of scaling up. This can be a frustrating experience for an owner. They feel their company can do so much more business, yet they lack the capital, know-how, technology, and/or experience to transform their organization from a small business (e.g., $20 million in revenue) business to a much larger business (e.g., $100 million in revenue).

Such a situation is risky for a business owner. If the owner attempts but struggles to grow the revenue and/or EBITDA of the company, this could greatly devalue the business in just a few years. But that doesn't mean owners should abandon their vision for growth. Rather, they may want to explore a sale or recapitalization.

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Exit Planning, Healthcare Sectors
Preparing to Sell Your DME Company: 7 Steps to Take Before Proceeding

When the time comes for you to sell your durable medical equipment (DME) company, there will be a lot of work required to go from putting the company on the market to completing the transaction. But if you want that sales process to go smoothly, there's a good deal of work you'll want to complete before you start.

Here are seven of the key steps you should take that will better help ensure your company sells for a fair price and to the right buyer.

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