Your Primer to Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

Author: Glenn Lippman

Healthcare Sectors
The Magnificent Seven: Practical Action For Heroic Behavioral Health Results

What makes a behavioral healthcare organization great?  As in the iconic Western, The Magnificent Seven, it is a blend of people, careful attention to details, agility, and determination.  As you strive to make your company magnificent, consider the following...

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Exit Planning
The New Theory Of Everything: Building Exceptional Value Through Your Workforce Culture

There's an often repeated story that, while at Cambridge in the 1970s, internationally recognized physicist Stephen Hawking was engaged in a conflict with the University over who would pay for the ramp that was needed for him to enter his workplace.  While eventually he prevailed, it is interesting to consider what would've happened had his growing fame and the country’s parliamentary law not been so persuasive.

One probably wonders how this story applies to the acquisition or merger of your own healthcare company. Simply put, it calls to mind how each organization needs to be constantly vigilant to assure that it is not creating barriers that will lead to employee dissatisfaction or turnover.  In fact, the focus should be on building a workplace culture that supports and inspires the very best performance and customer service.

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