Your Primer to Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

Author: Marc Toth

Healthcare Sectors, Market Trends
The Promise Of Remote Patient Monitoring: Opportunities For Healthcare Entrepreneurs

There is no question that healthcare technology plays a significant role in our ongoing healthcare revolution. Innovation in many areas, from telemedicine to electronic health records (EHRs), is driving an increasingly digitized virtual healthcare environment that is improving individual care, lowering costs, and ultimately impacting population health.

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Healthcare Sectors, Market Trends
Opportunities For Vascular OBLs: The Post-Acute Care Market For Physician Entrepreneurs

The case of the endovascular office-based lab (OBL) or access center illustrates what is happening, including new opportunities for enterprising vascular surgeons.  Significant technology developments, ranging from drug-coated balloons to atherectomy catheters, now enable physicians to safely manage vascular disease in outpatient settings.  In fact, preliminary surveys indicate that the risk of infection is lower in outpatient OBLs when compared to inpatient settings. This innovation has led to a proliferation of vascular OBLs across the US.  There are currently more than 600 endovascular outpatient clinics operating in the US, with 30 new vascular OBLs opening each month.

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