Your Primer to Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

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Exit Planning
7 Principles For Being A Great Buyer

Additionally, we also encounter entrepreneurs who are trying to enhance their value through acquisition. Whether it is the purchase of a small therapy practice, a homecare/hospice company, or a large regional disabilities organization, they are looking to draw on this acquisition as a platform for future success.

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Exit Planning
5 Truths About Your Strategy

In other words, strategy is the vision of what an organization should be and provides guidelines for the choices made at the outset and along the way.

With this in mind, here are five truths for the leaders of companies, healthcare and otherwise, who are looking to formulate a strategic view of their marketplace.

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Exit Planning
7 Critical Factors For A Successful Transaction

Based on over 30 years in the marketplace, it is clear to me that there are several critical factors in a successful transaction that sellers and buyers should consider early in the process.

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Exit Planning, Valuation
4 Reasons To See The Many Faces Of Value

A friend who was planning to transition from his business recently asked me how much it was worth. My response? “To whom?” After indicating that he wanted to know for “me,” I answered “are you buying it or are you looking for someone else to acquire it?”

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