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Building It Isn't Enough: 9 Ways To Optimize Value In Senior Living Services

With the convergence of longer life expectancy, the insistence on higher life quality, and emerging consumer sophistication, the market for senior living services is evolving rapidly.  The evolution is requiring that successful operations not only diversify their offerings (variations on traditional assisted living facility models), but also provide “value enhancers.”  These requirements are necessary not only to attract customers, but also potential buyers who are looking beyond adjusted EBITDA and price per bed.

To maximize the value proposition for all parties, here are some developing trends to consider.

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Healthcare Sectors, Market Trends
The Big Haboob: 6 Opportunities In Today's Behavioral Healthcare Turbulence

For many, the haboob metaphor is relevant to the new behavioral healthcare marketplace – dramatic change and resulting anxiety that can obscure possibilities.

There are many real challenges of a fiscal and regulatory nature that you can read about in today’s publications.  Yet, as always, there are many opportunities for those who are patient in the storm and willing to consider a new look at the landscape.

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Healthcare Sectors, Market Trends
Plus Ça Change: 7 Evolving Trends in I/DD Services in 2015

Very simply, history repeats itself.

So it is in the intellectual/developmental disability (I/DD) marketplace.  What does this mean for today’s I/DD executives and owners, whether a for-profit or nonprofit organization?  Consider the following inter-related trends and their likely implications for your company’s future.

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Healthcare Sectors, Market Trends
Has The Sky Fallen? 4 Great Reasons To Invest In DME

While the world of durable medical equipment (DME) has experienced more than one random acorn via competitive bidding and related market turbulence, there remain tremendous opportunities for those than can see beyond self-imposed despair and false conclusions.

Here are four reasons that you may want to consider as you look for potential DME investments.

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Exit Planning, Healthcare Sectors
Mixin' It Up And Makin' It Right: 5 Ways To Diversify And Strengthen Your Home Care Company

The challenge of leading a successful home care company requires executives to continually focus on diversifying their base to ensure profitable and quality-driven operations in the future.  I suggest five ways to focus your leadership efforts

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Healthcare Sectors
4 Dangers of Not Knowing What Things Cost

For business people, healthcare and otherwise, knowing what things cost is essential. If you are accurate you can adjust other variables including cash flow. If not, you can lose your business.

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